Peach State Contract to End


Effective January 1, 2013, Upson Regional Medical Center (Upson) and its employed physicians will no longer accept Peach State Health Plan as an in-network provider.   In addition to Upson Regional Medical Center the following providers will no longer accept Peach State members.

Upson Family Physicians, LLC
Jenkins II, John MD
Hare, Charmille Aimesa-Garnett DO
Davis, Cassandra H NP

Upson Women’s Services, LLC
Castro-Poveda, Anthony MD
Cole, Suzanne MD
Mameli, Louis MD
Robinson, Tonya DO
Brooks, Rhonda M RNC, WHNP  

Upson Surgical Associates, LLC
Smith II, Hugh D MD  
Solyomvari, Robert G MD
Upson and its employed physicians do participate in two other Medicaid Care Management Organizations: AMERIGROUP Community Care programs and WellCare of Georgia, Inc.  Please call the Georgia Families enrollment broker at (888) 423-6765 and use the enrollment prompts to have any questions regarding your options answered.

If you are currently receiving active health care services from one of our employed providers and are suffering from and receiving active health care services for a chronic or terminal illness, you will have the option to continue to receive health care services from Upson for a period of up to 60 days after January 1, 2013. 

If you are currently pregnant and receiving care in connection with that pregnancy at Upson Women’s Services, you have the right to continue receiving health care services from Upson Women’s Services and Upson throughout the remainder of your pregnancy, including six weeks’ post-delivery care.

Upson management will work with Peach State representatives to identify those Peach State members who qualify to receive the continuation of care services mentioned above.  We thank you for choosing Upson and we look forward to helping meet your health needs in the future.