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An Officer and a Physician

Feb 1, 2013 by Sallie Barker


Major O. Suzanne Cole, MD, OB/GYN will serve in Kuwait until July 2013

A local physician will soon be deployed overseas to serve the U.S. military.

Oluwaseun Suzanne Cole, MD, OB/GYN, is a Major in the U.S. Army Reserves, and she will serve in Kuwait for the next four months.

Her deployment will last 120 days, with 90 days BOG (boots on ground). Two weeks prior to deployment, she will participate in training and information sessions at Fort Benning. Upon her return to the states in June, she will participate in a de-briefing process.

Dr. Cole joined the Army Reserves in 2006, and this is her first deployment. Her role in Kuwait is to serve as a primary care physician to U.S. soldiers and assist in Kuwaiti hospitals.

While many doctors choose the Army Reserves to assist with student loans, Dr. Cole feels service is “what I’m supposed to do.” She said, “It is a honor to wear the uniform, serve our country and care for the men and women who protect our freedom.”

Service does not come without sacrifice, and Dr. Cole, who is a wife and mother, says her service to the military would not be possible without tremendous support from her family, fellow physicians and staff at Upson Women’s Services.

“My husband is extremely supportive, and we are so fortunate my mom lives with us, which does provide me peace of mind,” said Dr. Cole. “My little two-and-a-half year old doesn’t quite understand why mommy is leaving, but I know she will understand in time, and I hope she’ll be proud of me for it.”

When it comes to her patients, Dr. Cole admits being away for four months is going to be difficult. “I am really going to miss my patients, especially those who will deliver while I’m away,” she said. “And, there’s no way I could leave them without leaving them in such good hands. The doctors at Upson Women’s Services are top-notch, and I appreciate their support over the course of this deployment.”

Dr. Cole will return home and to practice at Upson Women’s Services in July. CEO David Castleberry said, “We will miss her over the next four months, and we are so proud of and grateful for her service.”

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