Patient safety is a top priority at Upson, and that’s why we consistently invest in our people and technologies. These investments help solidify our commitment to ensuring our patients receive the best and most advanced care possible.


Upson’s medical staff includes physicians known as hospitalists, who provide care exclusively for hospitalized patients. A significant benefit provided by hospitalists is that they are immediately available.

The hospitalists at Upson have extensive, award-winning experience in providing hospital care, and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Because the hospitalists are on-site at all times, changes in your condition can be responded to in a timely manner and test results can be evaluated quickly. Hospitalists communicate with your own doctor during the hospital stay and send detailed notes to him or her after discharge. It is up to your doctor to decide whether he or she wants the hospitalist to care for you.

Hospital-Wide Telemetry

Upson offers hospital-wide telemetry capabilities, which allows physicians to monitor patients’ cardiac rhythms from any floor in the hospital.

Bedside Medication Verification

Upson offers Bedside Medication Verification (BMV). BMV allows caregivers to utilize bar code scanning technology prior to administering medications. Caregivers scan the bar code on the patient’s wristband and on the medications to ensure the “Five Rights” of medication management:

  • Right Patient
  • Right Medication
  • Right Dosage
  • Right Route
  • Right Time

Thanks to this advanced technology we are able to double check patient medication which helps to prevent medication errors and keep our patients safe.

Intensive Care

Upson’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) features eight beds and is designed for a high level of patient care and monitoring. Our experienced critical care staff is prepared to treat a wide variety of medical and post-surgical conditions under physician supervision. Upson’s ICU nurses are specially-trained to monitor, treat and observe these patients who need a high level of clinical care.